At the beginning of the school year our program is more structured.  This way the children learn limits of safety, the rules of social interaction, and their responsibilities; they learn how to be safe and have fun with each other.  As the year progresses, the children begin to feel confident and gain a feeling of ownership of their classroom.  By this time less structure is needed, but our routines will continue.

A good curriculum includes planning for development of:
* Fine motor skills
* Gross motor skills
* Physical and emotional well-being
* Social skills
* Cognitive development

Our quality program will also include:
* Outdoor education
* Environmental education
* Music and movement
* Quality literature

We believe in  a learning center based program where the children are free to choose their activities.  Basic theme units will be used, but are flexible enough for child interest activities.

Creativity, imagination and discovery is enhanced by process art and other open ended projects.  This means the process is the most important part of the learning, rather than just the finished product.   These ideals are geared toward empowering each individual child.

Outdoor Curriculum