Room to Grow Preschool is outfitted with five classrooms, providing for children between the ages of 2 1/2 years old to 9 years old.

Our downstairs classrooms are for the younger children.  The downstairs classrooms are rotated between two teachers.  One classroom is for quieter activities like writing, reading, and puzzles.  Our send classroom is for large motor activities, music, blocks, and dress up.  There is also an art room that has a sensory table and is also used as a lunch room.

The down stairs also has it's own bathroom and laundry room. We do help with potty training as well.
The up stairs class rooms are for our older children.  The three individual classrooms will be rotated and shared with three teachers.  Our classrooms consist of a literacy room, equipped with writing, reading, math, and listening center activities. 

Our second classroom up stairs is our manipulative, block, and dress-up class room.  Along with these actives there is also a light table and a sand and water table as well.

Our third classroom is our art and music room.  This room is also the area where our older children eat their snack and lunch as well.