Dear Parents~

Welcome to Room To Grow.  I’m so excited to see what adventures we take this year.  I have had the great pleasure of making new friends with many of the families here so far at Room To Grow, so I only find it fair that you all get to learn a little about me.

I’m 45 years old.  I was born in Missouri, and moved to the beautiful state of Alaska when I was five.  My younger sister, Jessica and I were raised by a single parent.  My mom is still the strongest person I know.  I graduated from North Pole High School in ‘97.  After high school I started taking classes at UAF. I have graduated from UAF with three degrees so far.  I received my Associate of Arts and my Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education in 2006, and I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education: Family Studies in 2011.  I do not have any children of my own, but I have four adorable cats at home Venus, Big Boy, Chicken Nugget and Taco McStubbins. 

I come from a loving family and I adore my 20 year old nephew Dusty Jordan (D.J.) and my 13 year old niece Aza. In the summer I like to workout, hike, spend time with family and try to keep the local moose out of my pool. In the winter you can find me at home snuggled up with my cats knitting/crocheting, reading a book, or watching a movie, traveling, or trying to stop the local moose from eating my door wreaths. 

I have been with Room to Grow Preschool since 2003, when it was still known as Our Village Preschool. I started as a teachers aid and I quickly moved up to be a teacher and a lead teacher. In 2007 I took over as the Director of Room to Grow Preschool when we moved into our new facility. I've always taken care of the preschool, families, and staff as if it was my own and I can now proudly say I am the owner of Room to Grow Preschool. In 2014 I became co-owner and took over full ownership in 2018. In 2022 I took over as the owner of the building that Room to Grow is in. I look forward to the future of Room to Grow and all it has to offer.

As for my personal expectations as the owner and director at Room To Grow, I would like to go back to school and take a few classes at UAF to help better my education. I also plan on working closely with the staff and hope to do so with the parents as well. I plan on making Room to Grow the best possible preschool in Fairbanks, Alaska. With the friendliest staff who in turn want to have the best education possible in their job field. I plan on getting to know the students and families much better, and to find out what hopes or goals you all may have for your children. Please feel free to share any ideas, concerns, or goals with me.  I hope to be sharing the same with you.

Yours Truly,

“You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.”

My family
My cat Venus
My cat Big Boy
Taco McStubbins
Local moose...and my pool
Nosara, Costa Rica 2023
Chicken Nugget